Callan Ryan - 17 - Bournemouth -I just really fucking love my scarl.

them kleins n senza’s

Anonymous said: How do you feel about not many other people your age being in relationships?

I know quite a lot of people who are, I don’t really think much of iy

Anonymous said: wanna have sex?


zexylatina said: Dam ur fuckin cute ☺️☺️ do u have a girlfriend 😉😉

yes i do

Anonymous said: would you even be able to read them in 18's though? i have 22's and still feel like they're lil babies

I doubt I will be able to in all honesty but I’ll return them and get them in 18’s or 20’s (I can fit 20’s) and see how they look

ordered these babies but i fucking ordered 26mm’s instead of 18’s

Anonymous said: whats the best part about being in a relationship?

having someone that makes you feel secure


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