Callan Ryan - 16 - Bournemouth -
I just really fucking love my scarl.

Anonymous said: you're so beautifull!




Anonymous said: I hope you and Scarlett are together for a long time if not, forever. you seem like perfect soul mates

me too x

Anonymous said: if you weren't in a relationship with scarlett would you be looking to be in a relationship at your age or would you just let what happens happen

just let whatever

Anonymous said: do you spend most nights with your gf

yeah whenever I can

Anonymous said: have you ever compared your relationship to anyone else's

yeah but not in a bad way, like I see other peoples relationships and am like ‘I’m so glad mine isn’t like that’ or so

Anonymous said: what matters to you most in a relationship

that I can put all of everything I have into someone and get all of my significant other back